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Company Industry Sector Request Hardcopy
Aggreko plc Business Services Services
Akorn Inc. Drugs - Generic Healthcare
Amkor Technology Inc. Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits Technology
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials
Atkore International Group Inc. Financial
Coca Cola Beverages - Soft Drinks Consumer Goods
Deutsche Telekom AG Wireless Communications Technology +
Eastman Kodak Electronic Equipment Consumer Goods
IKONICS Corporation Specialty Chemicals Basic Materials
Kobe Steel Ltd
Kofax plc Technical & System Software Technology
Kohl's Corporation Department Stores Services
Komatsu Limited
Kona Grill Inc. Restaurants Services
Koninklijke DSM N.V. Medical Equipment Wholesale Healthcare
Koninklijke Philips N.V. Electronic Equipment Consumer Goods
Kopin Corporation Semiconductor - Broad Line Technology
Koppers Holdings Inc. Specialty Chemicals Basic Materials
Kore Potash Industrial Metals & Minerals Basic Materials
Korn/Ferry International Staffing & Outsourcing Services Services
Kosmos Energy Ltd Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials
Koss Corp. Electronic Equipment Consumer Goods +
Mallincrkodt Plc Drugs - Generic Healthcare
Michael Kors Textile - Apparel Clothing Consumer Goods
Opko Health Inc Biotechnology Healthcare
Oshkosh Corporation Trucks & Other Vehicles Consumer Goods
Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd Gold Basic Materials
Reckon Limited Technical & System Software Technology
Telkonet Inc. Diversified Communication Services Technology
Trikona Trinity Capital PLC REIT - Diversified Financial