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Company Industry Sector Request Hardcopy
Aggreko plc Business Services Services
Akorn Inc. Drugs - Generic Healthcare
Amkor Technology Inc. Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits Technology
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials
Atkore International Group Inc. Financial
Coca Cola Beverages - Soft Drinks Consumer Goods
Deutsche Telekom AG Wireless Communications Technology +
Eastman Kodak Electronic Equipment Consumer Goods
IKONICS Corporation Specialty Chemicals Basic Materials
Kobe Steel Ltd
Kofax plc Technical & System Software Technology
Kohl's Department Stores Department Stores Services
Komatsu Ltd.
Kona Grill Inc. Restaurants Services
Koninklijke DSM N.V.
Kopin Corporation Semiconductor - Broad Line Technology
Koppers Holdings Inc. Specialty Chemicals Basic Materials
Korn/Ferry International Staffing & Outsourcing Services Services
Kosmos Energy Ltd Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials
Koss Corp. Electronic Equipment Consumer Goods +
Mallincrkodt Plc Drugs - Generic Healthcare
Michael Kors Textile - Apparel Clothing Consumer Goods
Opko Health Inc Biotechnology Healthcare
Oshkosh Corporation Trucks & Other Vehicles Consumer Goods
Osisko gold royalties Ltd Gold Basic Materials
Reckon Limited Technical & System Software Technology
Telkonet Inc. Diversified Communication Services Technology
The Coca-Cola Company Beverages - Soft Drinks Consumer Goods
Trikona Trinity Capital PLC REIT - Diversified Financial