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Company Industry Sector Request Hardcopy
Ardmore Shipping Corp Shipping Industrial Goods
Berkshire Hathaway Property & Casualty Insurance Financial
Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc. Savings & Loans Financial
Cineplex Entertainment Limited Partnership Movie Production, Theaters Services
Diana Shipping Shipping Industrial Goods
Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. Shipping Services
Expeditors International of Washington Air Delivery & Freight Services Services
Flushing Financial Corporation Savings & Loans Financial +
JD Sports Fashion PLC Specialty Retail, Other Services
Natures Sunshine Products Drug Related Products Healthcare +
New Hampshire Thrift Bancshares Inc Savings & Loans Financial +
Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. Shipping Services +
Shiloh Industries Inc. Rubber & Plastics Consumer Goods
Shine Corporate Ltd Personal Services Services
Ship Finance International Limited Shipping Services
Shire PLC Biotechnology Healthcare
SIG plc Industrial Equipment Wholesale Services
Stewardship Financial Corporation Regional - Northeast Banks Financial +
Sunshine Bancorp Inc. Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks Financial
Toshiba Corp. Computer Peripherals Technology
Tribune Publishing Co Publishing - Newspapers Services +
Washington Federal Inc Savings & Loans Financial
Washington Prime Group Property Management Financial
Washington Real Estate Investment Trust REIT - Retail Financial +
Washington Trust Bancorp Inc. Regional - Northeast Banks Financial +
WashingtonFirst Bank Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks Financial
Wilshire Bancorp Inc. Regional - Midwest Banks Financial +